Having been immersed in the world of architecture and interior for a number of years, Randy Halim aspires to continuously bring passion into all the work that he does. Randy finds his inspiration from the creative individuals in his team. He believes in creating a well-crafted design which serves a purpose and stands the test of time, which also has been the key to his success over the years.

Believing in the concept of mature, clean, timeless and classy design, RAND HAL’s Studio aims to deliver not only a design, but an experience of creating a space that fits wholeheartedly into the client’s wants and needs. Situated in Jakarta, Indonesia, the studio has an extensive portfolio in various forms of spaces; from buildings, to residential, hospitality and commercial projects. Each member of the team in RAND HAL’s Studio is a creative individual who share expertise and passion in design, as well as bringing forth a collaborative approach and providing expert advice, with high attention to detail, in the interest of creating an end product of the highest quality.

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